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Vedika Arya, an MBA in Marketing and HR, she is the founder Director of Vitairs International Pvt Ltd, she brings with her over a decade of leadership and management experience in sales, marketing, operations, service verticals spanning Healthcare, Lifestyle, Media, Apparels and Social Service domains.


Corporate Training
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Our Medical team comprising of Qualified and dedicated Health care professionals from various specialities and branches including doctors, physiotherapist, dentists, paramedics dietitian etc. Our health services includes medical talks , tailored and generalised health checks, blood donation camps, awareness campaigns and so on.

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We have a group of certified Fitness and physical trainers to guide and motivate you in varied fields of Physical well being be it weight loss programs to self defense and much more.

Group of Physical Trainers

Physical Training
675 Projects completed
1457 Emails Send
471 Conferences
753 Happy clients

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