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Established in July 2017, Vitairs Group is a private sector start-up house foraying its business across media, healthcare & wellness, training and development, public speaking, Events and entertainment, non-profit institutions and lifestyle sectors. Founded by young entrepreneurs, the Vitairs Group aspires to positively influence the lives of every citizen across the globe. The Vitairs group strongly believes that it has a responsible role to play in sculpting the future of our great nation.We at Vitairs wish to gain the trust, faith, confidence and loyalty of our customers by providing them the quality and affordable products and services.



Vedika Arya a Lady among the masses who is in herself the living example of Determination and Persistence to achieve your Goals. Beginning her Life from a small town in North India today she is one step closer to her dreams. With the Will to fight to the top without relenting to what may come and not compromising Her Respect or Her Dreams Vedika Arya is a Woman of Age and Life.

Vedika Arya MABTALKS

Being a Brilliant Woman Entrepreneur and a Smart and Dynamic Leader she has a Beautiful Heart. Since the start she has been Helping and Caring for those who have been ignored and uncared through a Cause named – Feather To Wings!!

Vedika Arya has seen life and felt it deep….A Motivator, A Guide, A Leader, A Helper, An Entrepreneur, A Healer, A Fighter, An Idol and a Lot More. She Is Life Personified – She Is Vedika Arya – She is Life.

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Vedika Arya


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In the professional front Vedika Arya is the founder Director of Vitairs International Pvt Ltd, she brings with her over a decade of leadership and management experience in sales, marketing, operations, service verticals spanning Healthcare, Lifestyle, Media, Apparels and Social Service domains.

She has also lead the launch of a media channel and garnered significant share in prime-time slots, successful incubated multiple start-ups in F&B, Healthcare and Loyalty amongst many others.

Vedika is a versatile leader with having successfully implemented a Coalition based Loyalty Program for a leading lifestyle brand, Customer Retention for India's largest chain of family clinic in primary care, People Engagement for launch of various Social Services campaign.

675 Projects completed
1457 Emails Send
471 Conferences
753 Happy clients


As a lady entrepreneur and business leader she has been a mentor for fellow female entrepreneurs. After having taken courageous decisions throughout her career, her interest lies in interacting with the millennials. She personally believes in hand holding her candidates through ongoing knowledge sharing and engagement; helping them discover their inner-self thereby assisting them make right choices and this is her aim as a Motivational Speaker & Trainer.

Vedika Arya has an unbiased and unrelenting determination to care for those who need the most irrespective of caste creed or descent. She has been working for farmers, orphans, elderly & financially deprived in the form of fulfilling their needs be it health, food, shelter or monetary. But she feels that an individual alone cannot change the society and collective efforts of such like-minded people will make a difference towards a better today and a beautiful tomorrow.

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